Gateway to the most popular Nordic skiing area in France: Savoie Grand Revard. Tourbière des Creusates. Path of the Planets.
  • Astronomie
  • Saint-François-de-Sales
Alt. from 700m to 1562m
128 habitants

Cradle of the traditional “Argenterie des Bauges”, Saint François is a pretty village that is worth knowing! It is also and especially a very popular gateway to the Nordic plateau of Savoy Grand Revard... all amateurs, take note!
Saint-François-de-Sales has been awarded the the label "Village étoilé" with 1 star.

  • Church with a greek style
  • Path of the planets
  • Tourbière des Creusates
  • Eglise de Saint-François-de-Sales
  • Entre Le Noyer et Saint-François-de-Sales
  • Saint-François-de-Sales l'hiver
Mountain-biking, cross-country skiing

  • Path of the planets : Take an hour to discover the Saint-François de Sales path of the planets, to roam the solar system with its 8 planets and the sun represented along the way at scale. 
  • The Creusates loop around the peatlands of Saint-François-de-Sales: discover a multitude of natural environments.
  • Vue depuis Saint-François-de-Sales
  • Tourbière des Creusates
  • Don’t miss Jean-Paul at Saint-François-de-Sales to discover the typical craft of our territory: dishes made of turned wood at the Argenterie des Bauges, that owes its name to the sycamore maple tree, a gleaming white wood used to make them!
  • Winter : cross-country skiing competitions