Départ activités hiver : Parking pistes de ski de Départ activités été : Chenil à Chainaz-les-frasse 73340 Saint-François-de-Sales
In winter, come and share a moment of sliding with the dog pack: you have the choice between an initiation comfortably seated in the sled or a driving lesson for the most athletic! You can also choose a hike with the huskies, with or without ...
Le Pont d'Arith 73340 Arith
The building contains 2 bucket wheels, one for the sawmill and one for the circular saw and press. After World War II, it appears that the two Morand brothers owned the property. The owner has spent several years restoring the property and its ...
Place Ă  Baban Aillon le jeune 73340 Aillon-le-Jeune
From the "Place à Baban" go up into the forest by following the discovery trail logo, cross a rocky labyrinth. At point 4 on the "Grand Raffou" 1,590 m (Refou on the IGN map), it's possible to turn off at the "Chalets de la Bergerie" to follow the ...
Le Cul du Bois 73630 Doucy-en-Bauges
2348 route des Bauges 74320 Leschaux
This hidden footpath meanders for 2.5 km between fields and woods, allowing you to discover about fiftty species of trees, such as ash, oak, walnut, white alder, aspen. An easy, family-friendly path. 6km return trip, 50m change in altitude. A guided ...
73340 Lescheraines
Between lakes and forests, the Leisure Centre welcomes you in a superb green setting to take advantage of various accessible leisure equipment: swimming on the fully equipped beach, water slide with 3 tracks, fun paddling pool, acro-bungy jumping, ...
Margériaz, accès parking N°2 73340 Aillon-le-Jeune
La Correrie 73340 Aillon-le-Jeune
Parking au niveau du Pont sur le Nant d’Aillon 73630 Le Châtelard
Pissieu Waterfall forms just downstream from a source into which most of the rainwater and snow-melt drains into off the Margériaz Plateau. It is created from a karst resurgence of water from the so-called "Vauclusian source"; i.e. the largest ...
Aillons-Margériaz 1000 73340 Aillon-le-Jeune
Chef-Lieu 73340 Aillon-le-Jeune
Guided tours for individuals during the holidays (summer and winter). You will have the opportunity to make a 'tome' and a pat of butter during the weekly educational workshops that run during the summer and winter holidays. In this dairy, Tome ...
Sommet du télésiège des Rochettes 73340 Aillon-le-Jeune
Le Martinet Sentier de la Cascade du Pissieu 73630 Le Châtelard
Chez Lovat 73340 Lescheraines
The horse farm offers throughout the year riding school, introduction to riding or development, walking and hiking.
2713 route de la Motte La Frenière 73340 La Motte-en-Bauges